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John Howard, MD


I always knew I wanted to become a physician.

Medical Education:

  • Doctor of Medicine from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

  • Internship, University of Rochester

  • Residency, University of Rochester



My mother, who is Japanese, told me that I needed to become a physician so I could follow the Japanese tradition of taking care of my parents in their old age.  As a five year old boy, I took that mission to heart and I always looked at becoming a physician as the ultimate goal in life.  


For me, ENT is the perfect blend of working with children and adults, clinical medicine and surgery. It is important to me that my patients feel that they are well taken care of.  I enjoy helping my patients get better.  


At Surgical Suites of Coastal Virginia, we take a team approach to allow the entire center to be focused on the patient and provide the best surgical care.  


I am most proud of my family.  I have three great children and my wife and I always tell each other how lucky we are.  Our favorite thing to do is travel. I also enjoy scuba diving, cooking, and  photography as well.

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